1. Why do I need your service?

First and foremost, if not removed properly, you should know that animal waste can carry parasites and diseases creating potential health hazards to your family and other pets.  In addition, contrary to popular belief, dog waste does not fertilize your lawn. It can actually kill lawn growth causing unsightly brown spots ruining the overall appearance of your yard. 

2. Who uses your service?

Our service is designed for anyone who doesn’t have the time to keep up with the cleaning maintenance required of having a pet. It can be especially helpful for senior citizens and disabled pet owners. Not to mention the benefits our services can offer to commercial accounts such as multi-family residential community settings.

3. Are you insured?

EcoDog & Company, Inc. is a fully insured pet waste management company.

4. How is the waste disposed of?

All waste is double bagged in 100% biodegradable bags and clients have the option of having it disposed of in their outdoor trash can or for an additional fee of $2 per service, EcoDog & Co. will remove it from the premises.

5. Does my pet need to be secured during waste removal services?

All pets must be secured inside the house or separated from the cleaning area. If pets are not properly secured on scheduled clean up days, services will not be completed and the client will be charged for the scheduled pickup.

6. What about gates and fences?

Clients are responsible for making sure the area to be serviced is accessible (i.e. unlock gates, fences, etc.) on scheduled cleaning days.  Clients will be charged for scheduled services if it is not accessible on the scheduled service day.

7. How do I pay?

Cash, credit card, Pay Pal, or bank check. (We cannot accept personal checks)

8. When do I pay?

Clients wishing to pay by cash must make payment the day of service before service is rendered.   All other payment methods can be set up for prepayment on a monthly or weekly basis.

9. What is the initial start up fee?

There is a $40-$60 charge for the first visit based upon lot size and the amount of waste removal required.  After initial service, fees are as noted in our pricing chart.  Estimates prior to service are at no charge.


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