“Helping you to keep your yard environmentally safe, clean and green.”

Most people don’t realize that pet waste can be far more hazardous than the unfortunate misstep into the “deposit” left by your dog. Some eye-opening facts you should know:

”When pet waste is left on the ground or disposed of improperly, water quality and your health may be at risk too. Pets, children who play outside, and adults who garden, are at the highest risk of infection from pathogens found in pet waste. Flies also spread disease found in pet waste.

Diseases that can be transmitted from pet waste to humans include:

Campylobacteriosis – A bacterial infection carried by dogs and cats that frequently causes diarrhea in humans.

Salmonellosis – The most common bacterial infection transmitted to humans by other animals. Symptons include fever, muscle aches, headache, vomiting and diarrhea.

Pet waste can also contain E.coli bacteria, roundworm, giardiasis, tuberculosis, gastroenteritis and cryptosporidiosis.”

EcoDog & Co. is committed to helping our clients maintain a clean and safe property while being environmentally conscious as well. We use only disposable items that are bio-degradable. The sanitizing products used between each and every service effectively kills bacteria, viruses and fungi including: canine parvovirus, canine distemper virus, feline leukemia virus, bordetella bronchiseptical (kennel cough) and trichophyton mentagrophytes (ringworm).

At EcoDog & Co. we understand that while your pet is a much loved and valued member of your family, the necessary maintenance can be your most dreaded chore. Let us help. EcoDog & Co., now servicing Mecklenburg/Union Counties and surrounding areas, is your professional environmentally friendly pet waste removal company. We’ll pick up where your pet left off!

We are also available for commercial properties and accounts.  It’s very difficult to enforce pet ‘curbing’ restrictions in multi-family settings. Call EcoDog & Co. and let us help ensure your community/complex is clean and safe for everyone to enjoy. Just a few visits a week from EcoDog & Co. will have great improvement on your existing pet waste management problems.

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